Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Everything Has a Beginning

Ever wondered why do you exist in this world?
Common answer from a teenager will probably be that on a stormy night, my parents were feeling the hype from within and decided to chill it off. After they felt the chill and enjoyed the thrill, a few years later they have to manage the bills.

A more religious answer will probably be that we exist because of GOD. GOD created us in his own image.

My simple and realistic answer to this simple question will be . . .
We exist because we do not have a choice, as our parents already made the choice on our behalf. From another perspective, we made the choice ourselves because we swam so hard and fast to the goal simply to fight for a chance to exist.

Anyway, do you think all these are even important? There is a lesson to be learned from the above questions. You just have to think hard enough to realise what it is. My Motto in life is simply to keep life simple as nothing is more complicated then complicating your own life. In order to put things into perspective, you people out there will just have to think about your own life. It's either to live it simple and rich like what i am looking for, or live it complicated and bland.

Just in case you people are still thinking about the question and answer above, let me tell you what it's all about.

- A simple question can bring about more questions and perspective. Thats where you can see how a person can make a simple problem into more problems.

- A simple question can have many solutions. You just have to make a choice of which one you prefer.

- Life is about choices, it is just about making a choice in sync with your own values and not about making the right choice. There is no such thing as a perfect choice as the only perfect choice is to not make a choice.

- Life is about goals, we make choices to achieve our goals. We make goals to achieve more goals. It is through these goals that makes your life richer and tastier.

Think about it and comment on it. People may disagree as like i said, theres no such thing as a perfect choice. Similarly, theres no such thing as a perfect answer.

What i am trying to do here is to share with everyone what i intend to do to put my own life into perspective. In the process, i will probably go through things that are of my interest at this point, which i think will help me in achieving what i want. Things like investments in Unit Trusts, Financial Planning, Business Opportunities, Market Analysis, Love Life, Relationships, Family and many other things. Hopefully all of us will be able to learn together.

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