Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Friendship Vs Success

The topic today is slightly different from what has been going on in this place. Is money the only thing everyone is interested about or is success the thing that people are more interested in?

Without even asking anyone for answers, its pretty obvious. Probably you will get answers like there are lots of things that money cannot buy, but have you thought of the importance of money? Apparently there are the things that money cannot buy, like true friends and love. If you seriously think about this 2, they can actually be bought too. Without going too deep into it, money is the root to most evil. Not all evil begins with money, maybe temptations can be a root to evil.

Back to the main topic, what will you choose between success and friendship? Only you will have the answer to that and you will need to find that out yourself. Let us begin with pondering about what is the definition of true friends. The simplest of all will be someone who gets along well with you and understands you well. So how do you define knowing someone well? Is it by knowing what he/she likes to do or is it knowing what he/she likes to eat? If all these are a gauge of having a true friend, then you guys out there are just too naive. There is no exact definition to a true friend because human change and the environment changes as well, and so does your peers. Understanding your friend is just like doing a business, as your friend will always be under influence from different sources. One will never be able to predict when the fella will turn against you due to greater influence. So if i offer both you and your good friend a job that gives you a $100K annual income, and tell both of you that you get the job if your friend fail to turn up, what will you do? The default answer is obviously to not do anything and go for a fair chance. In truth, i do not think the chances of that happening is very high.

Sounds disheartening? Not to worry as in my life philosophy, everything is simple. There will always be a solution to problems. The elixir to solving this problem is simply the miracle "TRUST". If you do not trust your friend enough, whatever he/she do will probably cast shades of grey patches in your thoughts. How do we rationalise this? In the above scenario of the job offer, if your first reaction upon hearing the chance to get the job is to start thinking about what your friend will do to get the job, it simply means that the trust element is not there at all. If you simply start to think about how you should prepare for the job interview, it means that you definitely have ample trust in your friend. If you guys heard about the scenario about 2 partners in crime giving their statements in separate rooms, this is the logic. If both criminals do not admit to the crime, they will probably get away free. If both do not trust each other and choose to confess, both of them will probably get the worst verdict. So do you have enough trust in your friends around you? Why would you want to doubt your friends over negligible issues, when both of you will be happier off being friends as it is? I guess the success part is not an issue unless your friend come robbing you of all your assets.

Knowledge is power, but knowledge do not make a person mature. So when you decide to do anything to your friendship, think about it emotionally with your heart and not try to use your knowledgeable logical brains to think about it. That is simply why there is a distinct differentiation between Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence.

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