Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day?

Is there any distinct differences between Valentine's Day and Non Valentine's Day?

Different kind of people will probably give you a different answer.

Romantic Man: "Of course, its the best time to give surprises for your hot date."
Economical Man: "Whats the difference? Its just a business opportunity for florists."

Dating Woman: "I'm hoping that i will receive something."
Married Woman: "I just bought flowers for him."

There is no difference if a man is married or not, but just a matter of whether he thinks its necessary/economical. To all men out there, whether you have been dating for 5 years or married for 1 year. It will always be a man's responsibility to pamper your other half. It is not about the value of the gift, but its a sincere heart that you put into getting the gift. The lady may eventually kick a fuss out of how cheap the gift is or how ridiculous looking it may be, but they are definitely full of delight.

The difference in the female answer is definitely an effect of prolonged expectation. Eventually they become so despair that they gave up any glimspe of hope that one day a deliveryman would knock on the door and say "Mdm, You've got a bouquet of flowers for you!" Once you get married, the gifts and flowers eventually dried up. The chance of striking lottery may probably be higher than that of you being on the receiving end of flowers from your husband.

Anyway, flowers or not is usually not the important point. I always agree with men who says that flowers is a waste of money. Is 12 stalks of roses really worth almost $100? Probably it will only cost you $20-$30 for the same 12 stalks in a market. Is the $200-$300 8 course romantic dinner really worth the money? So much for the fine dining part, but you'll only feel hungrier after the pathetic portion of dinner. All these commotion about being valentine's day is just a marketing scam where shrewd business people squeeze every drop of juice from your pocket, just to try convince the men that your partner will give you a good sex to reward your expenditure. If you think about it, probably the men will get a good sex from their female counterpart at a fraction of the cost. If you can just treat her better on a day to day basis, you will definitely save much more on this fateful day of the year.

Every little thing you do for her will make her feel special. These things may not even cost you a single cent. Giving her a morning call, making/buying her breakfast, sending her a good morning message may well be the simplest things to make her feel special everyday. Then comes the occasional shopping and dinner trips that you bring her to. Followed by the annual surprises that you give to her on Valentine's day, Anniversaries (Not the monthly kind) as well as her birthday. Out of the 365 days a year, these are definitely not too much to ask for after sticking with you through all the joys and sorrows.

Back to the point about Valentine's Day, its really not a special day because if you stick closely to the plan above, every moment the lady spent with you feels like Valentine's Day. It used to be a romantic day, but it seems more like a boasting day. It is the day where all female trainers out there reap their rewards for whipping their studs day in and day out to instill the gentledoggy mentality in them. The day where all women try to boast about how wonderful and romantic their male partners are. So where does the boasting rights come from? Obviously its the flowers and gifts because all the envious attention will be on the person who receives the most flowers and gifts.

So the conclusion for all men, do yourself and your partner a favour. The gifts can wait, but at least some flowers for the lady on such an important day. Their neck probably grew an inch longer just by trying to stare out of the door for a deliveryman. Not everything is about the economical value, but there are things that has to be done whether you like it or not. It feels just like a hero saving a damsel in distress. Stress from all the questions like "Hey gal, when are your flowers coming?"

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